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The juniors’ zone day care and Montessori is a small nursery school with a reputation for providing high-quality care and education. It offers ideal preparation for school in a calm and loving environment. Children are welcomed from age 6 months to 6 years, into small class sizes led by experienced and qualified staff committed to deliver genuine Montessori education.

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Our children leave us with excellent skills of independence, ability to engage in meaningful play, knowledge that they are capable of, as loveable and valued members of the community.


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When a child begins the education journey, they are being primed for more than learning the basics of reading, writing and arithmetic. Quality education in primary schools is the first stage of compulsory education.

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Day Care

Thanks for being so kind and caring. I feel extremely grateful to have you as my child's early childhood education teacher

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Play Group

It’s easy for a parent to become overwhelmed with emotions and expectations as a child grows up and gets ready for that first day of school.

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Montessori schooling helps each child develop individuality in a way that accentuates his or her innate intelligence.

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Here we blossom the young minds of children by conducting various activities which will not only mold their character but it will also provide a platform for them to shine

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Healthy Food Day

To create healthy food benefits awareness, we organize this activity in which our Junior Chefs will make sandwiches and will also have Salad making activity

  • Junior's Zone
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Dec 2019
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Grand Parent Day

Teachers & students will present PUPPET SHOW, the purpose of celebrating this day is to create more worthwhile bonding between grandparents & grandchildren, we try to make this day more memorable for our respectable guests.

  • Junior's Zone
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Jan 2020

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