Students' Zone



We are please that you have taken the opportunity to find out more about us. It’s been more than decades that Students’ Zone Excellence in Education has been (Alhamdulillah) imparting a pivotal role by providing quality education in various fields of our life.

Now, it has taught more than 10,000 students who are engaged in their country. We are focusing our educational efforts on raising the most important and precious element of our society, the children Early Childhood. Alhamdulillah, with persistent efforts, research and team work, our dream is coming true.

We at Students’ Zone feel privileged to share the development of your most precious possessions, Your Children. We hope to create the feeling that we are an extension of your family. We offer pure Montessori education in a welcoming, safe and stimulating environment.

Our unique lessons prepared by internationally qualified educationalist are of highest international standards and are designed to foster a joy of learning and a desire to explore, providing a sound basis for future schooling and a sense of security and confidence that hopefully will remain with the students throughout their life.


Terms & Conditions

  • Students must follow the discipline during and after the teaching hours.
  • Daily attendance is necessary.
  • Appearance in weekly-tests and comprehensive examinations is compulsory. They are the key to sure success.
  • It is compulsory to attend the “Revision Classes”. Parents are to take extra care that their ward does not miss the revision classes.
  • Mobile phones or any other such devices are not allowed. Parents should co-operate with the management in this regard.
Parents Responsibility
  • Ensure 100% attendance of your ward.
  • Stay in touch with us to be up-dated about the progress of your ward.
  • We appreciate face to face interaction of the parents with management, so please do spare some of your time for the glorious future of your ward.
  • Keep a check on the clothes that your ward wears to the institute on daily basis.
  • Make sure he / she does not carry a mobile or any other valuables.
  • Cars at the institute should be parked at a side in a single line. Double parking or violation of traffic rules is prohibited.
Admission Criteria
  • Students passing their previous examination with at least 60% marks are eligible for admission.
  • It is mandatory that parents/guardians must accompany their ward to the institute at the time of admission.
  • In case, if the parents/guardians are out of City, they must nominate a representative and inform the management with his contact sources.
  • Every child is expected to be dressed up in decent and neat attire. His / her personality should reflect the values of our culture and society.
  • The management reserves the right to reject any admission without giving a reason.